Descargar HP Deskjet 895cxi DeskJet 895Cse and 895Cxi Printer Driver v.­11.­1.­4 para Windows NT

Gratis HP Deskjet 895cxi DeskJet 895Cse and 895Cxi Printer Driver v.­11.­1.­4.
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Hardware:HP Deskjet 895cxi
Nombre del software:DeskJet 895Cse and 895Cxi Printer Driver
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01 Dec 1998
Sistema:Windows NT
Descripción:DeskJet 895Cse and 895Cxi Printer Driver for HP Deskjet 895cxi

Type: Driver - Product Installation Software
The HP DeskJet 895C series printer driversupports the HP DeskJet 895Cse and 895Cxi printers This driver is designed for Corporate Users.­ With this driver: a).­ This fixes a problem in the DJ895C Add Printer driver where the server and client slow down with NT Point and Print.­ b).­ The toolbox is disabled c).­ There is no installer shell.­ d).­ Bi-directional communication is OFF by default.­ e).­ Shortcuts are not installed on the desktop.­ To Install: Use the Add Printer Wizard to install either a local or networked printer.­ When you extract this downloaded file, it will create a DJ895/­Ntinf directory.­ Run the Add Printer Wizard, choose "Have Disk", and point to the DJ895/­Ntinf directory.­ Double click on the hpdj.­inf file.­ Once the driver is installed on a server, client PCs can install the driver by simply dragging the printer icon into their Printers folder or by dragging a document onto the printer icon, or by doing an Add Printer, Network printer.­ If the driver is not already present on the client PC, a copy is automatically installed from the server.­ Point and Print is supported from a Windows NT 4.­0 client to a Windows NT 4.­0 server and from a Windows 9x client to a Windows 9x server.­ Point and Print is not supported from a Windows 9x client to a Windows NT 4.­0 server.­ To Uninstall: This driver does not come with an Hewlett-Packard built-in uninstaller.­ There are two ways to uninstall the driver: 1).­ Go to the control panel, printers folder, highlight the printer and select file, delete.­ 2).­ Run the HP uninstaller off the media.­ The media can be the CD, floppy diskettes, or the downloadable "setup.­exe" driver.­ You can download the "setup.­exe" driver by choosing "HP DeskJet 895C Series Printer Driver v11.­1 FOR HOME USERS.­" Uninstaller - provides one-click removal of the driver in case you no longer need the driver or choose to upgrade the driver to a newer version at a later date.­ Toolbox - A simple to use utility that provides: -- Troubleshooting steps for solving common printing or printer issues -- Step by step instructions for accomplishing printing tasks (How To) -- Maintenance tips to help keep your printer in good operating condition.­
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